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By beginning with creating public awareness on issues, implementable actions will follow eradicating issues from the grassroots. Social Awareness through Music, Songs & Videos Production.


We enable NGO’s with solutions that improve efficiency and reduce their cost. We build custom solutions which include Dashboard, Web Portal, Mobile apps, Survey solutions and real time data reporting services.


Rural field survey, renovation of school building and toilets, enabling water facilities, Livelihood project implementation, NGO engagement and rural empowerment and monitoring of projects

Fist step in bringing the change is to perform Survey. Would you like to be part of this initiative?

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Toilet Renovation
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Video Production
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Rural Awareness camps
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Food kit distribution

Partner with Us

We enable NGO to perform last mile connectivity through field surveys, project assessment, implementation, video report production and end-to-end project management using cloud based platforms.


Why You Should Choose Us

Impactful Mission

Our team is dedicated to a meaningful and impactful mission that addresses critical societal issues.

Transparency and Accountability

We maintain a high level of transparency in our operations, ensuring your trust in our organization

Efficient Resource Utilization

We optimize resources to maximize the impact of our initiatives, effectively advancing our mission

Proven Track Record

We have a demonstrated history of successfully implementing projects and creating positive change.

Community-Centric Approach

Our work is rooted in engaging and empowering local communities, ensuring sustainable and culturally sensitive solutions.

Global Perspective

Our team operates on a global scale, collaborating with diverse partners and addressing issues on an international level.



Meet Our Team

Varsha .S. Gurlahosur

Managing Director

Varsha is passionate about women empowerment especially livelihood project and menstrual awareness programs.

Bharati Madam

Bharati Ravindra .Y

Co-ordinator - Livelihood

Mrs Bharati Ravindra is a social worker passionate about rural empowerment. She helps us with project implementation for livelihood projects

Shrinidhi photo


Technical Analyst/ Field Co -Ordinator

Shrinidhi works with the clients ensures projects are implemented within time and budget, he is passionate video editor, mobile app developer and field coordinator

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Dr. Ravindra. Y

Health projects

Dr Ravindra Y, a social worker and an dedicated doctor providing 24X7 medical support services. He is very keen on solving health related challenges in the rural locations and is involved in conducting many health camps

Santosh sir

Santosh . G


Santosh G, social worker and passionate musician works towards bringing change through applying technology and process improvements to the rural challenges

Meet Our Advisory

Dr. Milind Shejwal

MBBS (Mumbai), DCH, MCPS

Dr. Milind Shejwal is a pioneer medical writer and was a successful General Practitioner for more than 37 years who provided quality medical service to underprivileged slum population. His medical books are in multiple editions and are popular among General Practitioners and medical students of the country. He is also a Poet and Gazals writer.