People who get acquainted to Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), often hear from their friends, Hey, today I did 2 sets, how many did you do?

Immediately, question arises, what is a Set?

Before we understand what is a Set of Surya Namaskar?, let’s have some basic understanding of certain terms that are used.

Aasan (Postures) – Aasan are the posture that are performed in yoga. It could be standing straight, leaning back or Tree pose (Vruksha aasan). They all know as Aasana. In Surya Namaskar there are 10 or 12 Aasana based on how you count them. For the sake of understanding let’s keep it 10.

Mantra: There are 13 Mantras in Surya Namaskar, they are just names of Sun, in other words just synonyms of Sun. However each name represents a feature or benefit that “Sun” provides to us. There are 12 mantras

1 Set: 10 or 12 Aasans Multiplied by 13 Mantras.

Duration: typically, it take 7 to 9 minutes to complete one Set 

One set with HSS Music in the background

Musical video on Surya Namaskar


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