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Ugal Byada Tamma - Do not Spit 


Our maiden Kannada social awareness song - "Ugal Byada" Do not spit. I am inviting each and everyone who happen to see this post to extend their support for this cause. "Awareness is the first step in awaking" the action that is not mechanical.

Nobin Paul it was indeed great working with you on creating this song. Thanks a lot for making this happen. 
This song is already on air in Hubli KLE Dhwani BVB 90.4 fm and it's been played regularly, thank you Gopal Krishna sir for inspiring us to make this song.
Rajani BC beautiful singing and rendition of the song that too in typical North Karnataka dialect is appreciable.

Voice  : Santosh and Rajani BC
Lyrics : Santosh Gurlahosur
Music Programming & Arrangement :  Nobin Paul  


Hoon Yahan - Girl Child School Nahi Ja Sakti


47% schools in India do not have toilets for girls, forcing them to skip classes or drop out totally

Hoon Yahan Theme Song conveying the necessity to provide toilets and also the regret for not having done so ‘especially’ to the girl children in every school. The song conveys the helplessness of a large number of parents who would like to send their children to school and yet due to lack of basic facility of toilets, are very hesitant to send their girl child to the School.

Voice : Shruti
Music : Samay Sharma
Lyrics: Santosh Gurlahosur


Desh Tumko bula Raha - A Patriotic fervor song highlighting  Modi ji's leadership


An electrifying, energizing and enthusing patriotic song and also appreciating Narendra Modi ji's proven leadership.

Lyrics : Santosh G Gurlahosur
Music : Samay Sharma
Singers - Shrinivas and Shruti

Direction and guidance: Hiran Sharma and Rajesh Chinchewadi
Patronage: Mrs. Usha Rao



Impact of TV on kids & Family - Remote TV se jyada kare control hum ko



This song narrates a day-to-day story that happens in every home - "Family members fighting for the Remote to watch their favorite channel" . With the blend of humor, musical drama, singing and narration, this song captures the essence – Kids follow the example set by their parents.

Lyrics & Concept: Santosh G

Music: Samay Sharma

Voice: Anit Chand, Rajajni BC, Master Abhinav & Santosh

Take Swami Vivekananda to every house – A song on Swamiji – “Mann Mein Taakat” 


Wake Up Bharat ! Enlighten The World

An inspirational song based on the teachings of Swami Vivekanand

Lyrics: Santosh G

Music: Anish Kumar

Voice: Anit Chand, Sapna Anit, Varsha & Santosh

In The Hope - Believe in yourself





Motivational song Composed by Anish Kumar Lyrics by Santosh Gurlahosur Vocals by Anit Chand and Santosh IN THE HOPE by Teentaal



TeenTaal SoCare Aansoo O Mein


Society’s Care for Indigent (SOCARE IND) was formed in 1999, by Subramaniam Mani and houses over 100 such underprivileged children today. These children receiving support are afflicted with social backwardness and economic deprivation. Either parents are prisoners of crimes. Very often it is the father who has murdered the mother in a rage of drunken stupor or the mother who killed an unfaithful, abusive husband. With the kids as a blood splattered witness to the crime This song, Aasoon o main beha n jaye is an appeal to the people, do not to show sympathy but to give love to the deprived children. A few moments spent by fully being present to the children of Socare is more contributing and powerful than speaking thousands of words filled with sympathy. I wrote the lyrics, Kishore's music and voice bring the magic of the message we intent to convey




Corporate Song - Information Technology

This song is our dedication to Nous Infosystems on completing 15 years of providing high quality global software and support services  Nous Infosystems Theme Song by Teentaal

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